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Who is BMI?

Our physician, Vishnu Subramani M.D., is both board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity medicine through the American Board of Obesity Medicine www.abom.org. He brings in years of experience in dealing with patients that have struggled with obesity and weight management.

Dr. Vishnu Subramani is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. He brings years of experience in treating patients with weight loss and weight-related medical problems. He has a strong passion in helping patients with Obesity or weight related problems because of his own struggles with weight his entire life. He can both sympathize and empathize with his patients.

What is the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute (BMI)?

BMI is the premier medically supervised as well as non-medically supervised weight loss institution in Southeast Missouri.

BMI has done comprehensive research to bring patients state of the art diagnostic and treatment programs for Obesity, Weight Management, Advanced Hormonal Testing and Treatment, Resting and Advanced Metabolic Testing.

BMI uses cutting edge technologies like the DEXA Scan, RMR, VO2/CO2, and Genetic Testing just a name a few.

BMI is the premier medically supervised as well as nonmedically supervised weight loss institution in Southeast Missouri.

V02 & CO2 Testing
Genetic Obesity and Wellness Testing
Gut Check Program
Advance Hormonal Testing & Treatment
Nuclear magnetic
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Hormone Pellet Therapy Program
Blood test
Food Allergy Testing
Blood test
Food Addiction Treatment
Blood test
Medicare Based Obesity Therapy
Blood test
Personalized Medicine Therapy
Blood test
Resting & Advanced Metabolic Testing
Blood test
Group Sessions
Blood test
3D Body Imaging

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